P-51 Mustang 20CC -F007

Wing Span:68"/1730mm  

Wing Area:51 dm      

Fuselage Length:55"/1400mm     

Flying weight:5900-6000g   

Kit Weight:4000g                    

Radio: 9Channel 7servo      

Gas recommended:          


Servo:Hitec(5645MG)  7pcs         

Spinner:4.25"  4blade                  

4blade Prop: 16*8 or 15*6          

Electric recommended:               

Motor: Dualsky5060EA-8 355kv                             


Battery:6S 5000mAh     

Servo:Hitec (5645MG) 6pcs   

Prop: 16*10 

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P-51 Mustang 20CC 

sku: F007

Epoxy fiber glass fuselage to make the plane light.               

Balsa wood wing                  

Painting film looks scale and much beautiful                           

Scale Slidable Canopy                  

Electric retract main landing gear  

has been installed               

Electric retract tail landing gear and steering servo has been installed                         

LED light on wing tip            

Removable wing                         

Removable stabilizer         

Scale wheels                         

Painted scale aluminum spinner