CAUTION: this plane is not a toy and should be kept away children under 16 years of age! Before use, please carefully read this manual.

● First-time builders should seek advice from people having building experience in order to assemble the model correctly and to produce its performance to full extent.
● Assemble this kit only in places out of children’s reach!
Take enough safety percaution prior to operating this model. You are responsible for this model’s assembly and safe operation!
● Always keep this instruction manual ready at hand for quick reference, even after completing the assembly.

Full Accessories list of MXS-R 64" ARF

1. First assamble the wing servo

Check the wing servo installation location

Install the rudder angle and wing servo in here:

Wing servo finished installation like this:

2. Assamble the elavator and rudder

Prepare glue and hinges.
then install the elavator to the horizontal stabilizer
install the rudder to the vetical stabilizer

3. Install the horizontal stabilizer to the fuselage

4. Install the push-pull angle

5. Install the elevator servo

using a 40cm extention wire to connector to the receiver

6. Install elevator servo push rod

The finished show:

7. Install the hinges to the rudder

9. Combine the rudder to the fuselage

Finish like this:

Check the push-pull system of the rudder

11. Install carbon fiber landing gear

12. Install engine

The way to drill Positioning hole for engine

Finished holes

13. Install the fuel tank

  • CG and control throws