Brushed Motor With ESC Power System for 1/10 RC Car Boat Model

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color: Motor and ESC
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1. Automatically find the center position.
2. High frequency drive system
3. Use low internal resistance field effect tube
4. Suitable for car and boat models

Battery support: NiMH, NiCd 4~6 groups (4.8V~7.2V); Lithium battery 3 groups (7.4V-11.1V)

Current parameters: forward 320A, backward 160A, brake 270A

BEC output: voltage 5.6V, current 2A. (Supply power for receiver and steering gear)

Operation guide:

1. Correctly connect it to the power supply battery, the red wire at both ends of the terminal board is the positive pole, and the black one is the negative pole. (or connect to standard DC battery plug Datian male plug/T plug/banana plug)

2. The red and black wires of the ESC output are respectively connected to the red and black wires of the 540 motor of the car.

3. Turn on the power switch of the ESC, the motor will make a "beep" sound, and then turn on the power of the transmitter, the motor will make a "do~la~mi" sound, which proves that the remote control signal has been successfully connected to the ESC.

Package include:

Motor x1
ESC x1

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