CNC Metal Machined Electronic Fuel Pump for RC gasoline & nitro airplane

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Electric oil pump/metal oil pump

Operating voltage: 4.8V-6V
Flow rate: 1000cc/min
Head: 0.8m

CNC full-metal electric pump

Size: length 95MM diameter 32MM


1: All metal movement, long life;

2: Fully enclosed motor design, high safety;

3: Fully shielded metal shell, no interference;

4: Positive and negative design, pumpable and pumpable;

5: Low voltage and high efficiency, only need 4.8V battery pack;

6: Comes with a mounting bracket, which can be fixed with screws or cable ties;

7: Using polyurethane seals, methanol and gasoline can be used.

Note when using:

1: Gear pump is a precision high-speed rotating equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the pump liquid is clean, and impurities will jam the gears in the pump, causing the motor to overheat or damage the gears. Therefore, please add filter in the pipe.

2: Please do not run idling for a long time, and do not pump liquid with too high temperature to avoid excessive wear of the metal pump body and gear;

3: Please use 4.8V-6V battery, a higher voltage will only make the pump heat up, and the flow rate of the pump will be limited;

4: This gear pump is designed to refuel the model, please do not use it in other occasions.

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