Helicopter accessories Parts for 800 size UH1N SM2.0 RC Helicopter

Flight ModelSKU: RCH-70-116-UH1N

Color: door set
Precio de venta$86.99


Product Description
You Can Choose the Parts You Need.
800 UH1N Landing gear
800 UH1N Tail tube 21.5x 795mm
800 UH1N Torque tube783mm
800 UH1N Pushrod set 700mm
800 UH1N Tail blade 105mm
800 UH1N Main blade 800mm
800 UH1N Weapon set
800 UH1N tail stabilizer
800 UH1N Scale part set
800 UH1N front window
800 UH1N all window set
800 UH1N door set
800 UH1N cockpit set
800 UH1N decal sheet
800 UH1N engine nacelle
800 UH1N tail boom
800 UH1N short tail tube 21.5x218mm
800 UH1N short torque tube 223mm
800 UH1N short pushrod 264mm

800 UH1N LED set


800 UH1N hardware set

Company Profile
This is ARF or RTF?
General offer is ARF, but we can provide RTF and KIT according customer's request.

MOQ 50pcs of each item when need production, we can also provide sample first.

More than 50cc plane,due to size limited, can not send by EMS.if just a sample,shipping cost will be expensive,we suggest you can purchase more quantity,sea shipping will be economic way.

Kit included:
Landing Gear, Tail Wheels,Tail Gear, Canopy,One piece Fiberglass Cowl,Control horns,
Push Rods, Hardware, Decals, Fuel Tank and complete , Assembly Manual.

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