Rccskj 4.8-13V High Current Electronic Switch With LED Indicator Use For High Voltage Servo and Receivers


尺寸: T Plug
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Rccskj 4.8-13V High Current Electronic Switch With LED Indicator Using For High Voltage Servo and Receivers

Product Features:

High pressure receiver and servos popularity more and more users have been directly 2S or 3S lithium batteries to power electronic devices directly, the product can be easily connected to a battery solution to the problem between the battery and electronic equipment.

Uses electronic switches, can effectively reduce consumption, to solve the traditional mechanical switches exist as a result of poor contact and other issues caused by shock or oxidation, to ensure normal supply of the receiver and servos and safety.

Using stale switch design, when not connected to a switch or disconnect control switch electronic switch was working properly.

Dual output, 15A maximum current output, total of 30A dual-circuit current output.

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 4.8-13V

Current: 0-30A

Weight: 22g

Size: 30mm* 24mm* 9mm

Plug : T plug



Battery polarity can not be reversed.

Voltage can not exceed the operating voltage range of products, this will cause damage to the product.

When using do not come into contact with oil or water or near corrosive materials.

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