Slick 60cc-80cc 91" Gasoline Radio Controlled RC Airplane Model Balsa Wood Fixed Wing Plane ARF

Flight model ARFSKU: F162-TA

Sale price$736.00


Slick 91" /2311mm Radio Control RC Airplane Gas 60-80CC ARF

Wing Span:91in /2311mm


Fuselage Length:87.89 in / 2230mm

Flying weight:7800-8000g

Radio:6 Channels 6 Servos;  (Not include)

Engine:60-80cc (Not include)

Spinner :4 inch (Not include)

Propeller:22*10inch, 23*8inch, 23*10inch, 24*8inch (Not include)

Servo:HS-7954SH or HS-7950TH or HS-7955TG  (Not include)



Balsa wood material;

Oracover film;

Carbon fiber landing gear and tail wheel piece;

Carbon fiber main tube and stabilizer tube;

Carbon fiber piece is fire wall;

Carbon fiber rods in the bottom of fuselage.                                        

Spare A4 size oracover film of each color for repair;           

Rubber PU wheel with Alu Alloy Hub;                                

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