Carbon Fiber Vertical Rudder Mount Rudder Tray for 20-50CC Airplane

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Vertical Rudder Assist (Apply 20~50 CC Airplane) 
Feature :
Have you experienced hovering during crabbing? You will feel it if you install with rudder assist. 
We have tested, it could be very slow when crabbing, to make the rudder control surface bigger 
and give a bit push to the gas, then you can see the plane will be Climbing and hovering. 
The most important thing is that its rudder control surface is efficient,to turn the hovering is easygoing with quick reaction.. You must get more impression to judge what's the difference between having Rudder Assist and without when it's crabbing. 
The plane normally has a flabby rudder control surface which causes the slow reaction. But installing with rudder assist will bring the great feeling of active flight and there is no hesitate with 3D action. Here is no hesitate with 3D action.
  • Rudder Tray: L121*38mm, 1pcs
  • Carbon Fiber Servo Arm: L60*24mm, 1pcs; L112*33mm, 1pcs
  • Aluminum Bearing Mount: D25*H18mm
  • Aluminum Stick: D5*H16mm
  • Aluminum Round Servo Plate: D25*3mm
  • Bearing: D11mm
  • Stainless Steel Push Rod: L38mm
  • Standard Bearing Head: D3*28mm
  • Connecting Rod: L23mm
  • Flat Screw: K2.5*6mm (black)
  • Set Screw: PWA2.3*12mm
  • Nut: M2
  • Machine Screw A# with Wash: PM3*6mm
  • Machine Screw: PM2*8mm
  • Nylon Nut: M3
  • Washer: D7*d3mm
  • Taper Washer: D3mm (copper)
  • Machine Screw with Wash: PM3*14mm

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