TFL 1307 Blade Race O Boat Fiberglass 30CC Gas Racing Boat

RC BOATSKU: 1307-F-2

color: COVER
Precio de venta$101.00



  • ARTR: Factory standard configuration, without remote control, servo, battery

  • HULL: a hull with a lid but without any metal fittings

  • HATCH : boat cover


  • Product Name: 307 Blade Gas Racing Boat

  • Hull design: V-shaped (O-boat)

  • Hull size: 1150*340*240mm

  • Hull Material: Fiberglass

  • Product weight: 10.1kg (gross weight)

  • Product color: red

  • Power configuration: North Latitude 30CC engine

  • Parts parameters: engine mount, 400mm accelerated aluminum batch, 6.35mm drive shaft,

  • 70mm T-shaped shaft bracket, 160 rudders (long double water inlet), 50mm M-shaped pressure water plate,

  • 92mm water jet, 5B15*72 three-bladed copper paddle

  • Seller's Note: This price does not include equipment such as steering gear, remote control and charger

  • Recommended equipment: * S3006 6KG steering gear + S3003 15KG metal steering gear (sold separately) +* FS-GT5 (sold separately) +* BEC battery (sold separately)

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