Upgraded 2 Layer Wings Bag For 3D plane(50-70CC)

Flight model wing bagSKU: WBFLTR-C1

Optional: 1pc bag
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As one of the accessories for fixed wing RC aircraft wings, wing bags provide excellent protection during transport and storage. The FLIGHT-MODEL Wing Bag is the best way to protect your wing, as we have chosen a material that is 100% waterproof and sun-proof, not only to prevent damage caused by crushing during transport, but also to prevent sun/rain damage to the skin of the RC aircraft. And as an upgrade, the extended opening makes it more convenient and allows for greater storage
  • For 50-70CC 3D plane
  • Color : Red&Black
  • Logo : Flight model
  • Size :65x112x32x115CM
  • Weight :about 1.886KG
This is the new version wings bag, we made many changes,
1. Extend the Opening;
2. Bigger pocket to insert some tools;

If buy 2 or 3 pcs wing bag together, we can ship by ocean shipment, then can save lots of freight. This only for USA Customers now!

Using for Weight A B C D
50-70CC 1900g 65cm 112cm 32cm 115cm

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