3 in 1 Large RC Digital Switch Methanol FUTABA / JR Compatible Methanol Nitro Ignition

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Product Description:         

  • Voltage display :3.5-13V
  • Working voltage :4.2-6V (If the receiver can support the high-voltage, operating voltage can :4.2-12 .6 V)
  • Switch maximum current: 20A
  • The length of the input line: 22 # AWG 15CM
  • Output line length: 60 core, 25CM
  • Plug Type: FUTABA / JR compatible
  • Ignition wire length: 24 # silicone cable, 40CM


Built-methanol igniter is mainly used for model airplanes, cars, boats, such as methanol engine ignition, the operating voltage of the igniter for 4.2-12.6V can be connected directly to the receiver on the without ignition battery plus, by controlling the remote fifth channel ignition.

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