RC Helicopter Airwolf 450 Pre-Painted fuselage for 450 Size Helicopters.Suitable for Almost All 450 Size(325mm Rotor Blade) Helicopters, Such as: Align T-REX450X/XL/SE/SE V2

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Roban Model HelicopterSKU: HSB-AW450BLX

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  • Airwolf glass fiber scale fuselage in premium quality and finish.
  • Including magnetic cabin lock system, for quick access.
  • Transparent front window, side windows open for heat dissipation. Including mounting accessories and landing gear. Landing gear is retracteable, all mechanical components are included.

Airwolf 450 Pre-Painted fuselage for 450 size helicopters.Suitable for almost all 450 size(325mm rotor blade) helicopters, such as:
Thundertiger Titan E325
Walkera 450 Series
DragonusII 450
Helipro 450 Series

Body length: 728mm
Body width: 268mm
Body heigth: 159mm
Body Weight :355g

Fully painted Fiber Glass scale fuselage x 1
Transparent canopy cover x 1
Horizontal stabilizer x 2
Vertical stabilizer x 3
Black wheel x 3
Front landing skid x 1
Rear landing skid x 2
Mounting Skids Pack x 1
Gun Set x 2
Screw Pack x 1

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