Sharp Cone Carbon Fiber Spinner W/ CNC Back Plate ( 3~6inch )

Flight model spinnerSKU: SZX300YJS-2CF

size: 3inch
Sale price$25.48


They are the top quality Cone Carbon fiber Spinner, 
CNC aluminum Back Plate, Glossy Carbon fiber Surface. the shape is try to reach the top sky always. 

2 Blade Spinner
No. Size Height(mm) Weight(g)
SZX300YJS-2CF 3inch 102 35
SZX350YJS-2CF 3.5inch 121 52
SZX400YJS-2CF 4inch 137 81
SZX450YJS-2CF 4.5inch 153 106
SZX500YJS-2CF 5inch 171 122
SZX550YJS-2CF 5.5inch 191 187
SZX600YJS-2CF 6inch 200 250

Package Including:
Carbon Fiber Spinner  x1
Alu Back Plate             x1
Screw                          x6

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