FALCON 20.5-22inch Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Propeller for F3A Contra Rotating Drive System

Flight model propellerSKU: F3A-20.5x20.5F-Black

Size: 20.5x20.5F(Front)
Color: Black
Sale price$139.99


Co-rotating propellers are recommended to be equipped with

front (F) rear(R)

1. 22x16.5 (front)   22x18.3(rear)

2.  22x18    (front)  22x10   (rear)

3. 22x20     (front)   22x22  (rear)

4. 20.5x20.5(front)  20x22.5(rear)

5. 22x22      (front)  22x22    (rear)

6. 22x18      (front)  22x18    (rear)

7. 23x18       (front)  23x20    (rear)

8. 23x20       (front) 23x22    (rear)


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