Mr. Grippy Carbon Fiber Soldering Jig XT60/ Deans T-Plug Bullet hxt Solder Tool

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Mr Grippy Soldering Jig

Mr Grippy is extremely well thought out with a spring-loaded sliding action; Carbon Fibre construction and supplied with rubber 'feet' to stop him sliding around on your workbench - He grips!

He has 2 pairs vertical alloy posts to clamp your wires in place, these posts have a 1 inch gap between each pair - allowing you plenty of working space.
But that is not all!

Next we have a rectangular self-clamping slot - this slot allows the jig to firmly hold male or female  XT60 or Deans connectors in place making for neat and easy soldering.
Last but not least there is a pair of round holes to suit bullet connectors, making soldering ESC's or Battery connectors a breeze!

Caution: Carbon conducts electricity - Never place 2 plugs from the same battery pack in Mr Grippy simultaneously or he will get very hot under the collar!!

Dimensions: 70x60x30mm
Weight: 61g





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