Rcexl Ignition Mini Tachometer for Petroal/Gas Engine V2.0 Engine Accessories


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  • 1. Increased self test feature;
  • 2. Use Pic16C622A microcontrollers;
  • 3. Do not need batteries, power from the ignition;
  • 4. Standard Futaba Plug(Black-negative Red-Positive and White-Signal);
  • 5. Using high-brightness LED digital tube;
  • 6. Input voltage range: 3.5V -8.4V;
  • 7. Current consumption 25mA-60mA;
  • 8. Mini tachometer indicates up to 30000rpm;
  • 9. Actual RPM=Display digital *10;
  • 10. Body size: 54mm L*20mm W*16mm H
  • 11. Window size: 30mm L*15mm H
  • 12. Weight: 19g
  • 1. The Y wiring tandem between in the Hall sensor and the ignition.
  • 2. The tachometer plugs the other end with Y wire.
  • 3. Connected to ignition power supply and can be displayed.
  • That connecting plugs do reinforcement to prevent vibration.
  • The hall sensor& tachometer wire leave from the ignition high-voltage wire, and receiver wires over 30cm.
  • Connection tachometer is not recommended after the use of the flight, and best to remove the Y wire to restore the original sensor connection.
  • If ignition has an additional tachometer pinout, it must be connected to
  • dedicated tachometer signal wire.
  • If there is interference from the ignition system, tachometer displays 0 or arbitrary values, this can be checked the ignition system RF.
  • We can't guarantee that the tachometer is suitable for other types of ignition

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