Rcexl Single Ignition CDI for NGK CM6 10mm 90Degree for 2008 after the 3W Engine


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  • Automatic advancing angle ignition
  • From professional CDI manufacturer
  • Microprocessor controlled timing
  • System is fully shielded
  • Capacitive discharge
  • Working Voltage: 6.0V-12V
  • Temperature Range: -40ââ€?span> /+60ââ€?/li>
  • Suitable for Spark Plug: NGK CM6 10mm
  • Application: Suitable for Germany 2008 after the 3W Engine
  • RCEXL Ignition systems are designed and built for use with model airplane hobby use only, not for use in any type of man carrying vehicle. Large engine powered model airplanes are not toys. Keep children away and use extreme caution when flying or running engines.

Package include

  • 1* CDI ignition
  • 1* Hall Sensor Kit

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