TFL 1133 Zonda Cat Fiberglass RC Electric Boat Outside Toys Blue Color TFL Hobby Model

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color: ARTR Boat Blue
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  • ARTR: Factory standard configuration, without remote control, servo, battery

  • HULL: a hull with a lid but without any metal fittings

  • HATCH : boat cover


  • Hull size: 1040*305*140mm

  • Hull material: Imported vinyl resin (fiberglass)

  • Product color: blue white/black

  • Power configuration: SSS4082KV1850 brushless motor*2, Hobbywing 180A ESC*2

  • Parts parameters: 4.76 split drive shafting, 120 rudder, 4019 two-blade copper propeller

  • Remarks: This price does not include steering gear, remote control + receiver, battery and charger

  • Recommended equipment: * Steering gear 6KG or above Standard size steering gear (need to be purchased separately)

  • Remote control FS-GT2E or other brand gun control (need to be purchased separately)

  • Battery 12.6V-25.2V (2-6S), discharge coefficient 35C or above, 5000mah capacity battery*2 (EC5 plug) (sold separately)


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