FrSky MLVSS Mini Lipo Voltage Sensor Smart Port Enable without OLED Screen

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By removing the OLED screen from the original FLVSS and reconfiguring the remaining circuit FrSky has managed to reduce the size and weight of the original by almost 50% which is ideal for smaller aircraft models.
The functionality of the MLVSS is identical to that of the FLVSS except that you cannot connect two of these in series to measure voltages in excess of 25V (6s).

Model: Mlvss
Dimensions: 43198mm
Weight: 2.8g
Voltage Range: 2s - 6s (6 - 25V)
Power Consumption: 10mA
Operating Temperature: -10 - 70°C
Compatibility: Smart Port enabled receivers

Warning: DO NOT reverse connect the balancer of the Lipo battery to the MLVSS, otherwise all devices daisy chained with the MLVSS will be damaged. Refer to the diagram above for correct connection.

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