Electric Starter For 20-80CC Gasoline Engines

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TOC Roto Terminator Starter for 20-80cc engine planes

Roto starter for the 20-80cc engine, the starter can use to DLE engines, DLA engines, DA engines
It can help you save time and easily starter your plane every time when you outdoor.


power supply: 12V-18V (advice lead-acid battery, 3S/ 3000MAH or above /20c or above lithium battery)

RPM at no load: 1000RPM/H

Max. Torque: 120KG/CM

Fit: 20CC-80CC gas airplanes, 20~80CC engines

Why is the starter so durable? After dismantling some carefully studied, the main reasons are: 
1. All starters use conventional switches. Without the use of contractors, the resistance at the switch is relatively large, the voltage loss is relatively large, and it is easy to generate heat.
2. The brushes of all the starters are small, and when the starting resistance is large, it is easy to burn the brushes and the brush holder.
3. The conventional starter does not have a speed reducer, the output torque is too small, and it is easy to drown when starting. In the state of sudden death, the inside of the motor is almost in a short circuit state, and the coil and the brush are extremely easy to burn.
     Now, we have found an alternative solution: using high-quality motorcycle electric products to make the starter.

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