1Pc Dualsky Xmotor Brushless High End Slip Ring Edtion Motor GB Series XM7015GB-SR for Gimbal Outrunner

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Product Feature
Specially designed for high-end aerial photography gimbal and handheld gimbal systems
Based on the mature 28 poles technology and all parts are newly designed
2nd generation stator design, using the top 0.2mm material to improve motor efficiency
High torque and special winding method for gimbal
Compatible with lower running current, suitable for long-time working
Detachable stator, easier to maintain (more than 50mm)
Adopt the big sized ball bearing, well control the vibration and ultra-long running life
Light weight design and there are two types, long shaft and short shaft
Add a stator wire plate for soldering the wires
Numerous in variety, matching 3 axis gimbal seamlessly, especially for the needs of YAW gimbal.
Take the lead in film grade gimbal motor supplier
50mm serials:suitable for canon 5D, Nikon D800, Sony A900, and etc
70mm serials:suitable for canon 1D, red epic, and etc
Optimized Dualsky "Star" appearance with precise secondary processing, both artistic and high-precision.
Laser marking, highlighting grades.  
100% inspection in Shanghai Dualsky factory before shipment.
Slip Ring additional features:
*The slip ring is installed on the gimbal motor to meet the requirements of high-end gimbal motor users
* Covering 50 mm and 90 mm gimbal motor
* 90 mm SR gimbal motor has optimized the YAW performance of RED EPIC
* Ultra-thin design
* The rotor and shaft are one piece by CNC, good in strength and light weight
* Hollow shaft for fixing the slip ring
* Sealing structure, dust-proof and waterproof (IP45)
Package includes: 1pc motor 

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