Brushless integrated smoke pump, adjustable flow fuel pump for turbojet gasoline engine

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BLP1000 brushless integrated smoke pump for turbojet gasoline engine adjustable flow fuel pump
CRRCPRO BLP1000 brushless gear oil pump, suitable for gasoline engines, turbojet aircraft, refueling, pumping, and smoking. It weighs only 87 grams. The applicable voltage is 6V-8.4V. It is recommended to connect to the distribution board and apply 7.4V power supply. When 7.4V , The working current is 1.2A and the flow rate is 1.1 liters per minute. On the plane, it can be installed horizontally and fixed with double-sided tape and cable ties, or it can be installed upside down vertically and fixed with screws, which saves more space. The flow can be controlled and adjusted through the remote control knob channel or switch channel.
A full set of accessories includes:
  • One oil pump body
  • One heavy hammer oil filter (used in the fuel tank)
  • One stainless steel connecting pipe (used on the fuel tank plug)
  • Two steel pipe clamps (the oil pipe is sleeved on the stainless steel connecting pipe to block the oil pipe)
  • Gasoline pipe 1 meter (soft, for internal and external connection to the oil pump)
  • One Y-type tee (used when the oil is divided into two parts)
  • Two fluorine rubber pipes (one end is connected to the tee, the other end is connected to the engine or exhaust pipe for pulling smoke)

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