Dualsky XM3045EG-12 820 RPM/V 120g Cased Outrunner for Glider Model

DualskySKU: XM3045EG-12

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The Dualsky XM3045EG-12 is a high quality cased outrunner wirh a KV of 820 RPM/V, for models weighing 1000 - 2000g.

5 mm shaft. See images for full specifications.

Recommended props:
3S LiPo: 14x10, 15x8
4S LiPo: 12x7, 12x8, 13x8
5S LiPo: 11x6, 11x7, 12x6, 12x7, 12x8
6S LiPo: 10x5, 10x6x 11x5, 11x6

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