ELIXIR F3A 170E 68.5inch EP GP ARF

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Product Description
  • Brand name: FLIGHT
  • Type: Airplane, fixed wing
  • Material: balsa wood, composite
  • Fuselage:  2000mm/78.7inch
  • Wing span: 1740mm/68.5inch
  • Wing area: 59 sq.dm
  • Stabilizer area: 18 sq.dm
  • Spinner diameter: 82 to 85mm
  • Kit weight: 2400g
  • Power system: ADVERRUN XS or ADVERRUN Single or equivalent.
  • Aileron servo: 8L S171SV or equivalent.
  • Elevator servo: 8L S173SV or equivalent.
  • Rudder servo: 8L S173SV or equivalent.

  • Composite fuselage
  • Balsa wings and stabs
  • Strong honeycomb board carton
  • Spare A4 size film of each color for repair
  • This is ARF UAV, but we can provide RTF and KIT according customer's request.

Package include
  • ARF UVA, Landing Gear, Tail Wheels,Tail Gear, Canopy, One piece Fiberglass Cowl, Control horns, Push Rods, Hardware, Decals, Fuel Tank and complete , Assembly Manual

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