EMAX RSIII 2207 Electric Motor High-performance Lightweight with 4mm Titanium Alloy Bearing Shaft Motors for RC Drone Racing

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RSIII, the newest addition to the prestigious lineage of racing motors,is purpose-built to revolutionize the world of drone racing.Designed from the ground up, this performance racing motor is engineered for unrivaled speed, precision, and endurance.

With versatility in mind, RSIII is available in two optimal sizes -2207 and 2306, catering to diverse racing preferences.Choose from three impressive KV options - 1800kv, 2100kv, and 2500kv -to tailor the motor's performance to your exact needs.

The RSII 2100kv stands in a league of its own, capable of handling voltages up to 6s lipos without compromising on durability or performance. Say goodbye to worries about overheating or burnouts during intense races, as RSIII outperforms competitors with ease.

Engineered for strength and endurance, the RSII motors feature a robust 4mm Titanium alloy bearing shaft. This innovation ensures smooth and efficient rotation, making every racing maneuver feel effortless and precise.

Built to dominate the racing circuit, RSIII is optimized for 5" propellers, offering the perfect balance between agility and stability.The motors' high responsiveness and consistent performanceare tailored to give you the competitive edge you need to secure victory.

Weighing only 29.3 grams without wires for the 2207 and 27.7 grams without wires for the 2306, RSIII achieves an exceptional lightweight design without compromising on durability. Experience the perfect fusion of speed and reliability as you conquer challenging race tracks with confidence.

Prepare to redefine your drone racing experience with RSIII, the latest entry in the legendary lineage of EMAX high-performance motors.Embrace precision engineering, unmatched reliability, and lightweight design, tailored to elevate your racing prowess.

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