FLT-35 Airplane

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1. Body material: carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar, PVC, aviation aluminum alloy, etc

2. Landing gear mounting position: below the rotor rod

3. Mission bay position: directly below the center of gravity of the aircraft

4. Weight of structure: about 9kg (including all structural parts and mounting parts)

5. Maximum takeoff weight: ≥33.5kg

6. Maximum load: ≥12kg(standard load :5kg)

7. Wing area: about 113dm2

8. Wing load: about 240g/dm2@28kg

9. Battery life: 160min@5kg; P 140 min @ 7 kg; P 70 min @ 10 kg; P 60 min @ 12 kg

10. Maximum control distance: manual control by remote control/about 0.5km-1km, ground station /5km-30km

11. Standard cruising speed: 22m/s (standard mounting) (recommended operating speed in mountainous areas: 23m/s)

12. Maximum cruising speed: 26m/s

13. Battery configuration: 22.8V /25Ah*4 (45.6V) @1kg-7kg; 22.8V /25Ah*2 (45.6V) @8kg-12kg

14. Never exceed speed: 122km/h (about 34m/s)

15. Stall speed: 19m/s@25.5kg (19m/ s@roll 25°/pitch 13°)

16. Minimum hovering radius: 180m@22m/s (safe turning radius of plateau is not less than 250m)

17. Maximum flat flight limit: to be updated

18. Wind resistance of fixed wing mode: no less than force 6 wind (gust force 7)

19. Maximum wind resistance of rotorcraft takeoff and landing mode: no less than force 4 wind (gust force 6)

20. Uav operating environment: -20℃~45℃; Can fly in light rain (safe running time is more than 30min@ dual multifaceted system)

21. Rotor emergency operation time: not less than 4.5min (rotor battery independent power supply (non-standard power configuration))

Takeoff and landing mode: vertical takeoff and landing

23. Vertical power blade size: 26 inches (suggested)

24. Fixed wing tail push blade: 24 inches (recommended)

25. Maximum thrust-to-weight ratio of fixed wing: 0.56 (standard configuration)

26. Plateau performance: to be updated (plateau standard power configuration please contact the manufacturer to obtain)

Standard no-load takeoff weight: ≥20kg

28. Safety voltage when entering the landing course: not less than 44V(Grignard high voltage battery)

Mounting Angle of wing: 2°

30. Number of pitot tube installation: 2 (single pitot tube opening is standard)

31. Does the system support continuous power replacement of power battery pack? Yes (non-standard)

32. Flight control support type: flight control supporting composite wing control can be used in this uav system

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