JX9 Multi Wire VTOL pro connector with Servo Extension Plug signal wire

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In the course of wind resistance and take-off and landing, the current is very large. Therefore, it is essential to choose this high-current safety quick-release connector.


  • Commonly used for VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) and 4+1 wing motors.
  • Large load current
  • Safe and reliable
  • Item name: VTOL 9+2 Connector
  • Weight: 9.5g/pair
  • Type: JX-9
  • Metal Material: Brass Gold Plated
  • Plastic Material: PA
  • Instantaneous current: (big) 60A/(Small) 7A
  • Rated current: (big) 30A/(Sma1l) 5A
  • Rated voltage: DC 500V
  • Contact resi stance: 0.3 mΩ
  • Flame retardant leve: lUL94 V0
  • Working tenperature: -20℃ ~ 120℃ 
  • Recommended usage times: 1000 TIMES
  • Cable SPEC:(big) 12AWG/(small) 20AWG
    Power supply current carrying instructions:
    • The contact surface of the left and right power interface is the same thickness as our common XT60, but the position of the rear welding port is smaller, because it is considered that too large will affect the small needle in the middle.
    • The nominal duration is 30A. In the actual test, there have been 50A for short-term take-off and landing, and some users have reported that the maximum is 70A-80A. It shows that there is no problem in an instant or a short time, but the long time nominal is still 30A.
    • If you use excessive current, please test and grasp by yourself.

    Package include
    • 1 Pair * JX9 Connector



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