Prolux 1671 Fuel Pump E-Pump 6V 1100mAh Ni-MH Without Charger or Gasoline & Nitro

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1. All new user-friendly design can be operated by all kinds of users.

2. Includes the most efficient gear drive and 6V high-torque motor for reliable fueling.

3. Advanced pump unit design allows fast filling and drawing without leakage.

4. Molded by fuel-proof Nylon with fiberglass filled.

5. Three switching buttons and two LEDs indicate ON and STOP.

6. Includes filter; fuel nozzle; self-tapping screws; 6V 1100mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery; fuel pump chain & buckle.

7. Handy and portable; can easily screwed on tool box or hung up on gasoline tank.

8. This fuel pump can be used for gasoline engines and nitro engines.

Kindly Remark:

1. Pump should not be idled continuously for a long time; otherwise the gear and sealing parts will wear out.

2. The fuel pipe must be connected to fuel tank firstly, and then power on the pump to work.

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